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ONTD offshoot community for X-Files fans
All members, feel free to make X-Files posts! Join in on the discussion!

About this community:
ontd_trustno1 was created after a recent resurgence of interest in The X-Files displayed in the enthusiastic comments in David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson posts on ohnotheydidnt . This community specializes in X-Files free-for-all posts and gifs.

Community guidelines:
- Love The X-Files.
- Keep photos outside cuts to 500 pixel or less width.
- Put NSFW stuff behind a cut with a proper warning.

- Be too much of a jerk.
- Spam, sell stuff, or go crazy with promotion of your site/community.
- Cross-post. If you make a post specifically for this community and then post elsewhere, that's fine.
- Post fanfic, icons or mixed tapes, unless they are made with this community in mind. Gifs are great!