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Hero Complex Film Festival Experience Post!

Crappy cell phone pic I took

I just got back to my hotel from this event. It was a 3-episode screening of XF to celebrate the 20th anniversary, with a discussion with Chris Carter. However, as a surprise, Darin and Glen Morgan showed up too!

I am typing from my phone so please excuse formatting, I will edit later. If the pic shows up all huge I'm sorry, I will fix it tomorrow!


* When asked about possibility of XF3, CC basically said he hasn't had interest or talked to studio about one, but actors and writers are interested (honestly sounded bleak IMO). Someone yelled out "kickstarter!" And CC said "please don't do a kickstarter"
* CC said David Duchovny begged him to move the show from Vancouver to LA for years
* Darin said his fave ep is Beyond the Sea
* CC still doesn't believe how popular the show is/was
* CC doesn't see any similarities between XF and Lost besides the fact they both had a mythology. Says about shows now being influenced by XF - XF was influenced by shows before it too, its just the nature of the business
* Glen says some criticism of the show's worst eps is harsh because some episodes had to be written in like a night due to strict schedules
* Glen says idea for Squeeze was because network didn't want all the eps to be about aliens and they were in a tiny writers room and James Wong said "what if a killer could squeeze in through that air vent" and they ran with it

Side note, CC looked me directly in the eyes (I was only 3 rows back) and I almost fainted. He's a good looking man. My husband says CC made "bedroom eyes" at me, lolol
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