Beka (_beka) wrote in ontd_trustno1,

Requesting some help! please!

Hello! I hardly post, well anymore, here some of you know the I post the episode gifs. Now that I have more time I will continue doing so, thats if people would like that. Anyways, I was wondering if you AWESOME X FILES FANS would be willing to help me out. I've been thinking about putting all the clips of Mulder and his love for all things XXX, we know Scully has mentioned his video collection. So i'm wondering if u guys can help me out by putting the names of the eps in which we hear/things are implied about Mulder's porn stash.

I hope this is allowed,I've seen vids of all the "Mulder its me" and "scully its me", now just trying to put together another aspect that was present in the series!

Tags: episodes, mulder, video
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