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Requesting some help! please!

Hello! I hardly post, well anymore, here some of you know the I post the episode gifs. Now that I have more time I will continue doing so, thats if people would like that. Anyways, I was wondering if you AWESOME X FILES FANS would be willing to help me out. I've been thinking about putting all the clips of Mulder and his love for all things XXX, we know Scully has mentioned his video collection. So i'm wondering if u guys can help me out by putting the names of the eps in which we hear/things are implied about Mulder's porn stash.

I hope this is allowed,I've seen vids of all the "Mulder its me" and "scully its me", now just trying to put together another aspect that was present in the series!

Tags: episodes, mulder, video
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lol, ok, don't ask me why/how I got this, but here we go:

Mulder seems to be fond of porn in:
• Jersey Devil - Scully catches Mulder looking at a model in a 'girlie' magazine, which he attempts to cover up by saying she was an abductee.
• Beyond the Sea - Scully tells him "Last time you were that engrossed, it turned out you were reading the Adult Video News"
• Blood - Mulder tells the Lone Gunmen that he must have overlooked their August issue because it arrived on the same day as his issue of "Celebrity Skin".
• One Breath - Can't tell for sure, but what was that tape he was watching when he gets the call that Scully has reappeared?
• Excelsius Dei - Mulder claims that the tape Scully found in the VCR wasn't his, and she replies that she put it back in the drawer with the rest of the tapes that aren't his
• Paper Clip - Mulder tells Frohike that the he will have to wait a little bit longer for Mulder's video collection (implying that Mulder will leave it to him when he dies).
• D.P.O. - Upon finding Darren's copy of Playboy, Mulder comments (at Scully's jibe) that he already has that issue
• Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose - While attempting to find Claude Dukenfield's body, Bruckman casually comments to Mulder that while there are worse ways to go, he can't think of anything less dignified than auto-erotic asphyxiation. Mulder, confused by this turn of topic, asks why Bruckman is telling him this, to which Bruckman quickly replies that it's none of his business and to forget that he mentioned it. While I doubt Mulder will really meet his end this way, I think that Bruckman choosing this way to rattle Mulder is a semi-reference to Mulder's porn-habit.
• Nisei - after asking Scully to watch a video "that came in the mail", she mentions that "it's not your usual brand of entertainment".
• Pusher - after being fitted with the 2-lux video camera, Mulder asks "Think I can get the Playboy Channel?"
• Small Potatoes - Eddie (as the faux Mulder) finds an answering machine message to Mulder from a phone-sex company
• Chinga - Mulder is watching a suspiciously pornographic-sounding tape titled "Alien Probe"
• All Souls - Mulder hurries Scully so he can return to "A Decade of Dirty Delinquents"
• The End - so it isn't porn, but it is rather telling when the mind-reading kid informs Mulder that "You've got a dirty mind"
• Dreamland I - Mulder settles down for a good night's sleep to the soothing sounds of the porn station SIZL
• Dreamland II - Mulder's long-lost bedroom is filled with boxes of files and at least one copy of "PlayPen".
• The UnNatural - Mulder mentiones his "obscenely overdue triple-X bill" during his list of things that baseball makes you forget
• Hollywood A.D. - while talking about ambient sounds we usually tune out, Chuck Burks mentions the sound of "Mulder's porn tapes on pause".

Hope that helps :)
You're welcome! :D
I knew it would be useful someday, hee
So, how/why did you get this? I haven't looked it up but I assume it's in Nit-picker's Guide.
Nitpicker's just covers through season 4, unless I'm mistaken (probably am, since I haven't broken out my copy in AGES)...?
Regardless, riddlefate's list is super-impressive, and now I want to reread Nitpickers again :)

Re: this is useful, I think


May 20 2011, 05:01:38 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  May 20 2011, 05:04:36 UTC

No, you're absolutely right. It does only cover 1-4. I'm so sad it was never up-dated. riddledfate's list is amazing. I think I'm saving it on my hard drive, in fact...

edited because I can't spell.

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That seems to cover most of the ground.
well then nvm....

off to make gifs instead then.